If you…
have an audacious goal, it can be achieved.
have a perplexing problem, it can be solved.
seek guidance for an important decision, it can be received.
want to re-engineer your life, it can be done…

all through the simple process of writing.

This book will change the way you think about writing forever – guaranteed.

How to harness the power of writing to achieve audacious goals, solve any problem and radically re-engineer your life.

This book will change the way you think about writing forever — guaranteed!

Achieve My Goals

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What is WriteTech?


That technology is WRITING.

Here, finally, presented in a single book, is a simple, powerful and effective system for using writing and harnessing its tremendous power for goal achievement, problem solving, mental and physical healing and life improvement. Drawing on years of research by some of the most brilliant thinkers in the world, backed by science, and proven by real stories of countless successful individuals, the writing techniques you will learn in this book can revolutionize your life.

A timeless technology, with limitless power, is available, ready for you to use any time, anywhere, under any conditions, to achieve the seemingly impossible and create real magic in your life.

“Whatever you truly desire and write down with deliberate intent, which you believe, with a simple, child-like faith you would get and take inspired action to get, would be yours.”

Learn exactly how

Use the WriteTech techniques to…

And so much more!

Read about how ordinary people have achieve exactly these and other extraordinary results by writing them.
Learn the practical techniques they used.

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Meet the Author

Jonathan Temporal

Jonathan Temporal’s mission is to Empower Humanity to Achieve the Grandest Possible Vision of their Lives through Writing

As the author of WriteTech – one of the first ever books to present a complete course for igniting real, concrete and lasting changes in people’s lives, through the simple act of writing and using nothing more than a pen and paper – Jonathan is living this mission.

Jonathan has personally experienced the transformative power of writing many times over at the most critical times of his life. When he was only 12 years old, he learned the simple yet tremendously powerful technique of “thinking and decreeing” from one of the pioneers of the Science of Mind movement in Asia. It had such a profound impact on the young boy that from then on, he used this technique to achieve goals, find solutions to problems and receive guidance in times of trouble. Constantly curious and forever experimenting, Jonathan later developed his own writing techniques based on principles he learned from many diverse sources including Eastern philosophy, modern Psychology, Neurolinguistic Programming, and even the Japanese art of ShinShin Toitsudo (the art of mind and body unification or Japanese Yoga) and the martial art of Aikido. 

The result is WriteTech: a unique, simple, practical and effective system of 13 writing techniques meant to help people achieve audacious goals, breakthrough limiting beliefs, solve big problems and reengineer their lives.

Since coming to Australia from the Philippines 14 years ago, Jonathan has achieved all the seemingly “impossible” grand goals he had set for himself and more: he became an Australian citizen, practised as a lawyer, completed an MBA and started an investment property portfolio (both starting with no money of his own), taught at one of Australia’s most prestigious universities, earned a 4th degree blackbelt in Aikido, built a beautiful home, and was blessed with a loving relationship with the woman of his dreams. And he employed the simple writing techniques of WriteTech to achieve all these goals and achieve his dream life.

In 2020, amid one of the most trying periods not only for himself, but for the rest of the world, he started his own publishing company and published WriteTech, the book. Jonathan’s goal is to share with as many people as possible the simple ways of using writing to solve vexing problems, thrive in the face of challenges, overcome adversity, and achieve personal and organizational success.

To contact Jonathan and share your story of how writing is changing your life for the better, email jonathan@writetech.co

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Learn the 13 powerful writing techniques of WriteTech

Writing to the 100th Power (Technique 2)

Use this to achieve a big goal within a deadline

Life Scripting
(Technique 3)

Use to design, plan and achieve your ideal future

(Technique 4)

Use to identify your overriding goals, prioritize them and start an action plan

Love letters to and from a future beloved
(Technique 11)

Use to attract a perfect mate or ideal relationship

Mind Your Energy (Technique 1)

Learn how to use writing to control mental focus, direct will power and manage internal states

Superconscious Writing (Technique 6)

Learn how to generate brilliant ideas on command by downloading the universal supercomputer within you – the Superconscious Mind!

Calling S.O.S. to the Universe (Technique 7)

Sometimes you just need a solution to a problem fast! Use this technique to get it

Discernment of the Spirits (Technique 10)

Need to make an important decision and want to be 100% sure it’s the right one? Use this technique.

Gratitude Listing
(Technique 5)

Use to create your own miracle in 40 days

Vision Mapping
(Technique 8)

Use to create your true life vision and draw a map on how to get it

Think, Write, Decree
(Technique 9)

Write your own personal declaration of victory, success and independence and command it to come to pass

Creating solid self-confidence
(Technique 12)

Use to create unshakeable self-belief and develop resilience

Charting Your Hero’s Journey
(Technique 13)

To prove to yourself that you are an everyday conquering hero!

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Free Resources

WriteTech techniques at a glance

A summary of each WriteTech technique—categorized according to its purpose, with instructions on when to use it and how to apply the technique.


MasterLife Plan

Write out the master plan for your own life in this interactive and editable document. This is a living, organic document that will evolve along with you


WriteTech blank writing sheets

Blank writing sheets that you can use or adopt to practice each of the techniques. Use these as templates and experience the power of each technique.


It Works! By R.H. Jarrett

Originally published in 1926, this short book, especially its three rules of positive accomplishment, have been tested by millions of people world-wide. All of them proved, simply, that it works. Test it now on what you most want this minute!


Readers’ Reviews

WriteTech is a book that has a wealth of insight and knowledge backed up by firsthand experiences from the author, as well as case studies from other successful people.

Matthew A, Online digital marketing expert
I am grateful for this book. As a lifelong journal writer, I know how powerful the art of writing is. This book reminded me of that. I feel this will become my personal manual that I can return to again and again.

Mikee R, Teacher
One of the best books I’ve ever read in a long time. Encouraging, motivational and inspiring. After reading Writetech, Jonathan Temporal is now one of my favorite authors.

Rhode G, Entrepreneur
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How to harness the power of writing to achieve audacious goals, solve any problem, and radically re-engineer your life
By Jonathan Temporal

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