MasterLife Plan

“Imagine the grandest possible vision of your life, for you become what you believe.”

Oprah Winfrey

Anything great and enduring (whether it’s a building, bridge or product) and every spectacular feat (whether it’s a personal achievement or event) was first designed, on paper. Humans couldn’t have gone to the moon without a detailed written plan, which is then meticulously executed. Why not design a great life for yourself? Use this MasterLife Plan template to do just that!


  • Allows you to imagine your ideal, dream life, broken down into stages, and then design that life.
  • Define your major life purpose that will serve as your anchor in life

  • Helps you define and clarify the 7 key areas – Financial, Career & Business, Family Time & Free Time, Health & Appearance, Relationships, Personal, Community – that will make up your dream life.

  • Create 5, 10 and 20 year visions for every life area.

  • Template is interactive and editable with a table of contents – this is a living, organic document that will evolve along with you.