WRITETECH: How to harness the power of writing to achieve audacious goals, solve any problem, and radically re-engineer your life (Hardcover)


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WriteTech in paperback. Packed with 300 pages of lessons, stories and techniques.

Guaranteed to get you excited about the limitless possibilities of writing.

Drawing on research by some of the most brilliant thinkers in the world, backed by timeless principles from diverse sources including modern Psychology, Neuroscience, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Eastern Philosophies and the meditative disciplines, and proven by the experiences of countless individuals, the writing techniques you will learn in this book will revolutionize your life.

In the pages of WriteTech, through plain English and inspiring stories, you will discover….

– the not-so-obvious but super simple technique that successful people all over the world, from athletes, scientists, artists, professionals, managers, billionaires and CEOs, have used to achieve their spectacular goals.

– strategies for using writing to achieve specific personal outcomes including finding the perfect mate, getting a great new job, starting a business, living in a new country, buying your dream and many more.

– practical writing techniques that you use can daily to solve problems, receive guidance for important decisions, achieve focus and clarity, and be calmer and happier.

Hardcover : 298 pages

Product dimensions : 5.500 inches x 8.500 inches (140mm x 216mm)

Spine width: 0.688 inches (17.475 mm)

ISBN-13: 978-0-646-82610-3

Publisher: Tempoal House (16 October 2020)

Language: English

5 in stock (can be backordered)

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If you…
have an audacious goal, it can be achieved.
have a perplexing problem, it can be solved.
seek guidance for an important decision, it can be received.
want to re-engineer your life, it can be done.


A timeless technology, with limitless capacity, is available, ready for you to use any time, anywhere, under any conditions, to achieve the seemingly impossible and create real magic in your life.

That technology is writing.

In WriteTech, lawyer, professor and author Jonathan Temporal presents a complete course for igniting real, concrete and lasting changes in people’s lives, through the simple act of writing and using nothing more than a pen and paper. Here, finally, presented in a single book, is a simple, powerful and effective system for using writing and harnessing its tremendous power for goal achievement, problem solving, mental and physical healing and life improvement.

Here are just some of the powerful techniques you will learn in WriteTech:

Writing to the 100th Power
Learn how to use writing to control mental focus, direct will power and manage internal states

Use to identify your overriding goals, prioritize them and start an action plan

Superconscious Writing
Learn how to generate brilliant ideas on command by downloading the universal supercomputer within you – the Superconscious Mind!

Vision Mapping
Use to create your true life vision and draw a map on how to get it

Think, Write, Decree
Write your own personal declaration of victory, success and independence and command it to come to pass

Creating solid self-confidence
Use to create unshakeable self-belief and develop resilience

Charting Your Hero’s Journey
To prove to yourself that you are an everyday conquering hero!

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