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WriteTech is a book that has a wealth of insight and knowledge backed up by firsthand experiences from the author, as well as case studies from other successful people.

I initially picked up this book to help grow my career in marketing, but have been pleasantly surprised to find out that WriteTech has been helpful in other aspects of my life. The principles found in this book, I’ve been able to apply not only to my career, but to my weight loss journey, and progression in hobbies.

A certain chapter that really stuck to me was Chapter 12, that talks about maintaining self-confidence. There are valuable techniques that really work, such as writing down your victories to recall it and maintain the self-confidence to progress in whatever you want to. It has helped me see how far I’ve come in my career and when impostor syndrome kicks in, I know in myself that I’ve grown to be competent and skilled enough to grow further.

Journaling has helped me be overall happier everyday by taking a moment to appreciate the joyous moments in my life every single day, and that it’s worth celebrating. This has helped me with my weight loss as well since I’ve been consistently challenged with my weight since I was young. Tracking past victories and celebrating every pound lost has made me realize that I can do this and as long as I stick the path, I will reach my target.

Overall, Write Tech has so much value in one book, and I urge anyone who is feeling stuck with growth in any aspect of their life to use it as a guidebook. In my personal opinion, it is not a book to be read sequentially. There are 13 techniques found within the book, and if you feel that one technique speaks to you more in your stage in life, then read it, apply it, and learn from it. I will be keeping this book beside me at all times as a guidebook whenever I feel like I’m stuck in the mud and have no idea how to move forward.

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-Matthew A., Online Digital Marketing Expert

A book that talks so that you could write your way to success!

WriteTech is the kind of self-help book that does exactly what it sets out to do: to help anyone find new pathways for personal achievement.

It is immersive without being tiring as it offers the reader one practical technique after another that optimizes the power of writing for reaching your biggest and dearest aspirations.

It is engaging for its own writing style and succeeds in making the reader interested with every page and in each technique with full attention.

The author is sensitive to what hinders most people from becoming better versions of themselves and gaining more success in life: their inability to imagine. WriteTech has all these simple yet powerful and practical ways for opening up the windows of creativity without which the imagination stays latent and unsure.

This is a big book — not for its physical size or length, but for its heart. Across its pages you get to sense that two big powers are at work just to be of help to you: the power of the mind and the power of the written word. It was so comforting and motivating to realize right at the onset of reading WriteTech that these are all the powers you need to achieve your greatest goals.

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-Pol Marte, Communications Professional and Director

Great Book!

I am grateful for this book. As a lifelong journal writer, I know how powerful the art of writing is. This book reminded me of that. I feel this will become my personal manual that I can return to again and again. Already, some of the techniques have resonated with me and I am excited to start manifesting new dreams.

The author presents several techniques that one can use to aid in crafting and manifesting anything he or she desires. Each technique is given a backgrounder to establish the actuality that many teachers, mentors and respected authors throughout the ages have in one way or another advocated them. The author himself has applied these techniques to his own manifestation journey; his stories are encouraging and inspiring.

The techniques are simple and direct to the point and I agree that writing with deliberate intent opens our subconscious mind to countless opportunities and possibilities. It has been a while since I’ve seriously sat down and purposely charted my path and after reading this book I asked myself why not? Whether the teachings of this book are new to you or like me, you have tried the techniques before; this book will inspire you to take control. It will make you realize (or remind you once again) that in our hands is the immense power to create the life that we desire.

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-Mikee R., Teacher

Finding this book is that rabbit hole you’d want to fall in!

In the middle of a pandemic no one was prepared for, I found myself asking what is my life’s purpose. Thanks to this book, the motivation I’ve been looking for seemed to manifest itself and gave me that final push to start writing down my thoughts again, and find those answers to the endless questions plaguing me. The techniques proposed by the author are doable, and inspire one to action. Can’t wait what I will discover about myself once I practice the techniques laid down in this book.

-Judy V., Lawyer

Great reference for people looking for the next level in life

I found this book well-though-out and well-written. Taking inspiration from various influences, the author taps into his own personal experience to share the techniques that has worked for him, and encourages his readers to think out of the box and try them out for themselves.

This book came at a time when I myself was at a crossroads, and the chapter on Discernment of the spirits felt serendipitous. The idea resonated with me and the process gave me some structure to organize my thoughts.

I highly recommend this book to people who are at a point in their lives where they feel they are stuck, facing a major life decision, or simply just want to experience a better version of themselves

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-JAS Mereria, Computer Programmer

Your Life, Your Story, Your Pen

This book couldn’t have come at a better time for me. It essentially talks about writing your own happy ending, and I felt so far from mine.

I was – like many in this wasteland of 2020 – sitting in the center of a shrinking, stagnant world. It was easy to feel helpless, swept along in a current of maladies far greater than ourselves.

What resonated with me in Jonathan’s well thought out work was the very last chapter – the hero’s journey. In it, he breaks down the essential elements for an epic, talking about how we are called to adventure with dragons to slay, and how we are forever changed afterwards. He goes on to describe how we can take control of the narrative, simply by setting words to paper.

We are all facing our dragons now.

But we’re the heroes of our own stories.

And we write our own ever after.

I hope Writetech helps you as much as it helped me.

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-Renzo Villalon, Author

I love it!!

One of the best books I’ve ever read in a long time. Encouraging, motivational and inspiring. After reading Writetech, Jonathan Temporal is now one of my favorite authors. I will definitely recommend this book to l family members and friends.

-Rhode G., Entrepreneur

Great read – simple and yet powerful

I love the way the book presents itself to its readers – simple and yet it captures one’s imagination. It was a fascinating read and right from the first chapter it brought me back to my memories of the Philippines. A very well written and inspirational material indeed!

-John A., University Professor and Lecturer

A lot of things to learn

It took time for me to understand and read a book with a subject of ‘self-improvement.’ I am a graphic designer (now Freelancer) and I hardly do any creative writing. When I was working as a full time designer for more than 20 years, I used to have a side-kick person ‘ A Copywriter’ to assist me. Coincidentally I am currently learning on how to create a children book illustration and comic but somehow those need a good skill in writing rather than just good in illustrations. Write Tech is another kind of advanced guidance of solving problems.

When I started to read about the author’s experience, I said to myself ‘Oh My God!’ His career life was just exactly the same as mine. I did..the same thing all over again in the past 20 years. Finally it came to question..Am I going to do this the rest of my life? I had been staying overnight for more than 5 times in the design office, overworked but for what else? ‘Could I adjust it?’

My passion in art and design is not dying yet..while I am learning on how to create children illustration book and comic, WriteTech has helped me to improve the development idea of writing plan structures (on how to achieve the goal of my story for the illustration books, on how to get the reader or audience attracted or interested; medium, format, illustration and colouring techniques).
As a result, the current development of my illustrated story books are far much better (developed & organised) in result compared to my previous works before. WriteTech will always be my guidance and there are more that I need to learn from it. It does not matter what you do in your career but WriteTech is highly recommended to you all!.

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-Herman R., Graphic Designer

An Inspiring read!

-Stephanie G., Lawyer

If you love writing, this is for you.

If you enjoy the process of creating, the joy of being inspired and putting pen to paper, then this is the book for you. Whilst the exercises are practical and grounded, I also appreciated the vulnerability and honesty of the author. Temporal starts with a reflection of his dissatisfaction with his early professional years and shares how writing has helped him create his reality. For those of us who love the magic of the written word, this book bridges the romance of an idea held in the mind, to the reality of that idea jumping off the page and reaching fruition.

-Sara S., Organizational Behaviour Expert

I hate self-development books. They are always so autocratic and smug.
But Mr Temporal’s work is different in that it gave me an opportunity to appreciate how the combination of my physical and cognitive functions produced my own thoughts and my own pathway to self-development. The book is full of interesting quotations and references, one of the best of which is Ignatius’s’ rational decision making algorithm.

Also, the book is a story of a young man who left a comfortable bourgeois lifestyle to discover deprivation and getting fired! And, how this helped him to grow. In summary an excellent book. And it leaves the door open to another book about the author’s – and others – path of discovery

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-James J., Executive Recruiter

I’m at a point in my life where I have a lot of new goals and aspirations, so this book came at a perfect time for me. I decided to give this a go because I already know about the powerful relationship between writing and realisation of goals, but I never quite knew how to do it ‘properly’. That’s where the book helped me the most.

What I liked most is that this is not a typical ‘self-help’ book. It’s not about gaining instant happiness and taking shortcuts to fulfilment. You still need to look inward and do the emotional hard yards, but writing is an easy, affordable and effective tool that you can use to help you do the inward looking and emotional unravelling.

I really loved how incredibly clear and easy-to-adopt the techniques are, and how encouraging the author is. I’ve just started implementing some of the advice, and look forward to refining my writing technique to better harness my (often messy) thoughts, and pursue a more purposeful and authentic life.

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-Leesa Y., Psychologist

Jonathan’s writing is straightforward and so relatable especially for anyone who likes to write, dreamt of writing or dabbled in it at one point or another. Reading the book has reawakened this desire in me personally. Perhaps, it will make it a lot easier for those who want to give writing another shot. Perhaps Jonathan will make it a lot easier and simple for you this time around.

-Henree W., Writer and Entrepreneur