(Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels)

Most of us read in bed just before going to sleep. Often the stories we read serve to relax our minds and make us fall asleep. Instead of simply reading a bedtime story every night, why not write yourself one? If you write your own story every night in the way I will show you through this blog and witness your life transform for the better.

I am a big follower of other teachers who teach the power of writing as a tool to transform ourselves, our lives and worlds.

I’m always on the lookout for other teachers’ books and programs that also teach others how to use writing to achieve the same aims I’ve taught in WriteTech — that is, to achieve ambitious goals, solve big problems and re-engineer their lives. And when I find such other techniques, I immediately “test drive” them to see if they work and how well they work.

One awesome technique I’ve recently learned comes from neuro-linguistic programming or NLP. In fact, a few of the techniques of WriteTech draw inspiration from NLP principles. This particular technique is called “The Nightly Review” and comes from the CD audio course An Introduction to NLP by Joseph O’Connor and Ian McDermott. As an introduction to NLP, I found that O’Connor and McDermott’s course is simple to understand, easy to follow and most importantly immensely practical.

I actually taught a similar technique in WritTech of recalling past victories and acknowledging present wins to create rock hard self-belief.

When to use the Nightly Review: use anytime you want to enjoy your life more fully; to realize that each day can be a fruitful and meaningful one no matter the specific events that happen in it.

Benefits of the Nightly Review:

  • enables you to immediately shift your mind from any unpleasant aspects of your day and even refram these experiences into positive ones;
  • allows you to constantly focus on all the good aspects of your life right now and build on those aspect;
  • enables you to trigger the feelings of good experiences on command, any time, any where, boosting your energy.

Before you go to sleep each night, one of the really useful things you could do is to gather up the best aspects of the day. Pick six good things that happened. Six good things.

If it’s difficult to think of six good things, then have a look at your definition of “good”. Good experiences can be very short and simple. Anything that gave you pleasure or enhanced the quality of your day.

Perhaps the first bite of good when you were hungry. A smile from someone. Good service. Whatever. The experiences may be short and simple, but a day full of such experiences is satisfying and pleasant. You only have to think of the opposite to know that a lot of small, “unpleasantesses” spoil a day.

So, review the day. Gather up those experiences which you would have otherwise barely noticed. And then, associate into the memory of each and relive it. Enjoy it again. As you do so, you can create an “anchor”.

“Anchoring” in NLP is a term used for the process by which you apply a gesture, touch or sound (the “anchor”) at the peak of a state, either in oneself or someone else. The said anchored state can then be recalled or re-activated by reapplying the gesture, touch or sound. (Source: NLP World)

A simple, tactile anchor, like touching two fingers together. Something that is simple, easy to do, easy to repeat in the same way and easy to remember. So, as you relive the memory, create the anchor.

At the end of your review, you’ll have enjoyed the six good experiences again and created an anchor for pleasure and satisfying experience, which you can build on day after day after day after day.

And if you do this every night, you will enjoy your life more fully. You will find that after a while, using the anchor on its own during the day will bring on the feelings of pleasure and satisfaction — the goal with a nightly review.

Let’s start writing our own bedtime stories with purpose through the Nightly Review.